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Enrofloxacin                              2.50 g

Benzetimide Hydrochloride         0.0165 g

Excipients                         100 ml


Diarrhea of bacterial, viral or parasitic origin of bovines, ovines, swine, equines, canines and felines.

Route of administration and dosage:

The general dose is 1 ml per 10 Kg.l.w . In porcine 5 ml every 10 Kg.l.w.

It is administered by intramuscular or subcutaneous injection in all species.

In general, one dose is enough to control diarrhea. If necessary, administer a second dose at 48 hours.

Restrictions of use:

Do not use in calves of more than 120 Kg.l.w., Lambs of more than 25 Kg.l.w., and Piglets of more than 20 Kg.l.w.

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