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VERTOX Bloques

Block rodenticide


Brodifacoum 0.005%

Pests it controls:

Mus musculus “house mouse”, Rattus rattus “roof rat”, Rattus norvegicus “norway rat”.

How to use:

Perform a thorough inspection of the infested area and place the baits where signs of rodents are observed, such as droppings, greasy spots, hairs, footsteps, inside or in the vicinity of the caves and in transit sites. Choose dark corners such as water pipes, objects, sheets, boards against walls, etc., as well as areas where debris has accumulated, roof spaces, hollow walls, under floors and, in particular, for rats that need drink, consider water sources

Rats: 1 to 2 blocks per baiting point every 4-9 meters.

Mice: 1 block every 1-2 meters.

Keep the amount of bait clean and fresh until there are no signs of rodent presence.

When the bait is not applied inside burrows, place them inside tubes or baiting boxes that allow exclusive access to rodents. The bait is protected from the weather and the access of domestic animals and other non-white animals.