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Oral solution


Every 100 mL contains:

Enrofloxacin                    20.0 g   

Bromhexine Hcl                 1.5 g

Excipients                                  100.0 mL


For the treatment of primary and secondary infectious processes in poultry, produced by Gram +, Gram – and/or mycoplasmas. The product is a combination of a fluoroquinolone and a mucolytic for oral administration in drinking water for chickens broilers, broodstock and replacement chicks up to 16 weeks of life.

Withdrawal period:

Do not slaughter poultry treated until 10 days passed from last administration. Do not administer to layers or lifting cocks. Do not administer after the 16 weeks.

Route of administration:

Oral, with drinking water. The medicated water must be prepared the day of the treatment. Use potable water. Shake before use. Proceed as follows: a) calculate the quantity of product needed for the total weight of the animals to be treated (0.05 mL of product/kg of b.w.); b) calculate the quantity of water consumed daily by the poultry to be treated; c) Dilute all product in ¼ volume of drinking water consumed daily by the lot; d) wait until the animals consume the medicated water; e) during the rest of the day administer the non-medicated water.


Every mL of product contains 200 mg de Enrofloxacin. Recommended dosage: 10 mg of enrofloxacin/kg of body weight. It is administered once a day during three consecutive days. In case of Salmonellosis it is recommended 5 days.

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