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Our mission is to research, innovate, develop, synthesize, and manufacture reliable products through efficient processes and at competitive prices. To foster productivity at all levels and to be leaders in our sphere of action: the agro veterinary pharmaceutical industry.


Our vision is to achieve excellence in our products and services, promoting the internationalization of our company as well as constant improvement.

Investigation and development

Our focus in on research and development, which has allowed it to develop, in its own experimental field, molecules and procedures to meet the needs and animal health of each of the markets to which it is directed.

Quality policy

The Direction of Microsules Laboratories S.A. is committed to the continuous improvement and leads the Quality Management based on ISO 9001, GMP and Good Laboratory Practices.


Laboratorios Microsules Uruguay has been stablished in the local and international market for more than thirty years, manufacturing, synthesizing, commercializing and distributing a wide range of products for veterinary use. It also has a growing range of agricultural line, as well as a new line for urban and industrial pest control. It also develops and manufactures household aerosols and an extensive insecticide portfolio. Following the entrepreneurial spirit of the company, a plant of biological products of 3000 m2 has recently been built, bringing Microsules vaccines to the market.


+ 30 years on market


+ 20000 m2 production plant


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Internal injectable parasiticide

Laboratorio Microsules Do Brasil Ltda. Av. Bernardino Silveira de Amorim, 1161 – Sarandi Porto Alegre I RS – CEP 91140-410 Fone: (+5551) 3348 9425 – 3344 2533 Fax: (+5551) 33485018
En Chile: Pérez Valenzuela 1098, Of. 83, Providencia, Santiago. Tel.: (+562)22353056. Bajo licencia de LABORATORIOS MICROSULES URUGUAY S.A.
Laboratorios Microsules México S.A de C.V: Constituyentes N° 3120 Col. Centro C.P. 91700 Veracruz, Ver – Tel.: (+5222) 99379633
Laboratorios Microsules Ecuador S.A. Vía Daule km. 11.5, Bloque C, Bodega N° 47 Centro Comercial Parque California II. Tel.: (+5934) 2103199 Ext. 575-576.
Laboratorios Microsules Paraguay S.A. RI 18 PITIANTUTA 1446 C/ RAFAEL BARRET (Los Laureles, Asunción, Paraguay). Tel.: (+59521) 501227/8 – (+595982) 451487
Argentina:El Federal Veterinario, Falucho 1275, Villa Ballester, Provincia de Buenos Aires, C.P. 1653. Tel.: (+5411) 4849-2914.

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