Quality policy

Laboratorios Microsules Directors are fully committed to the ongoing improvement andlead quality management based on ISO 9001, GMP and Good Laboratory Practices. For those reasons establishes the following quality policy:

  • Our company focuses on our clients, identifying their needs and using these as a basis to research, develop and manufacture innovative products at competitive prices. Thus, we obtain a fair benefit from our permanent investments in production and technology.
  • We are committed to comply with the regulatory requirements, adapting us to the requirements of each competent authority.
  • We foster the involvement of our staff in the achievement of good quality standards, in a working environment which allows them to fully develop their abilities. The risks to which the worker could be exposed are considered in order to eliminate or minimize them.
  • We seek the integration of subcontractors and suppliers into our company’s quality management system, thus controlling this link of the chain.
  • We are committed to our Society, obeying legal requirements, performing specific actions to its development and contributing to the promotion of the community around us.
  • We are committed to caring for the environment, making economic growth compatible with protecting the environment and reaching quotas of greater competitiveness and productivity with the rational use of natural resources.
  • We are committed to maintain high standards in the humane treatment of animals used for experimentation.