Production plant

Plant 1

At Microsules, a strict quality control of the products is applied through a system of traceability in each one of its production stages.

The same is done through sampling, specifications and analysis of the state of all raw material, packaging material, in process and finished product.

Design and development of new products.

The team work together with the continuous dialogue with the clients has allowed Microsules to develop suitable products, with presentations adapted to the needs and requirements of each market.

Its “installed capacity” allows to develop products, with the possibility of testing them in own animals.

Microsules has developed the synthesis of the veterinary excipient Glycerol Formal
for injectable formulations, which is synthesized in its own production plant, using as
raw material and exported to several countries.

Plant 1 is responsible for the production of veterinary specifics, such as injectable solutions and suspensions, oral solutions and suspensions, ophthalmic and otic preparations, and topical semisolid preparations (creams, ointments, gels, pastes), as well as hormones.

Plant 2

Within its agro veterinary products lines with recognized quality, it also offers a line of home aerosol products, which include environmental flavors, disinfectants, insecticides and repellents.

In Plant 2, it is developed the whole process of elaboration of parasiticide: solutions pour on, bathrooms.

Plant 3

Aerosol packaging

With the certainty that “Trust is gained with certified quality” Microsules has achieved the qualification and certification of an exclusive plant for the

packaging of aerosols with totally safe installations. This plant contains premium equipment such as gas sensors in the environment with pass-through blocker.

Plant 4

Aerosol packaging

Agrochemicals In order to improve every day, grow as an agro veterinary industry and provide better solutions
for our customers and producers, we have designed and developed an agrochemical plant.

In the same the following types of formulations will be developed:

  • Floables
  • Emulsifiable concentrates
  • Soluble concentrates
  • Wet Powder
  • Soluble Powders
  • Granules
  • Micro-pelletized

Type of products:

  • Herbicides
  • Fungicides
  • Insecticides
  • Heal seeds
  • Granulated hormones

Among others

Plant 5



The plant has a production capacity that places it among the main veterinary biological processing
plants in Latin America. For this, it uses the latest technology equipment
with automated systems and continuous monitoring.

Latest technology equipment that allows to obtain antigens purified by ultra and microfiltration, and in this way obtain vaccines with greater protection by specific immunogenic responses for each disease indicated in our products. All the production processes are automated and we have a system of continuous registration of critical parameters.

We have a development department that is continuously improving production processes and product controls, always seeking to optimize resources and obtain vaccines of better quality and efficiency.

The Quality Control laboratory carries out exhaustive evaluations of each stage of the production process, starting with controls on the inputs, strains of origin and raw material, passing through the antigens components of each vaccine and ending in the final product.

We have the largest Animal Facilities of Uruguay within the private orbit. This allows to make the controls in animals much more sensitive and therefore have greater power of detection of failures
in each stage of the productive process and guaranteeing a vaccine of better quality.

Plant 6


Caravans and Collars: This plant specializes in manufacturing caravans and collars using polymer-based injection formulations. It incorporates insecticides into a special polymer, which is gradually released. This technology also allows for the development of new products in the near future.

Plant 7


Microsules has developed the synthesis of the veterinary excipient Glycerol Formal for injectable formulations in its own production plant. The synthesized Glycerol Formal is used as a raw material and exported to various countries.

Plant 8

DIB Hormonals:

This new hormonal processing plant is the only one in Uruguay approved by MGAP-DILAVE. It produces intravaginal hormonal release devices for heat synchronization in cattle.