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Insecticide. Suspension Concentrate (SC)


Thiamethoxam 12%

Lambda-Cyalothrin 4%

Coadyuvants 100%

ThiaMic is a mixture of a pyrethroid and a neonicotenoid.

Its use is recommended by localized applications, in the control of cockroaches such as Blatella germanica and non-cutting ants such as Iridomyrmex humilis, Solenopsis, saevissima, Monomorium pharaonis and other species with similar eating habits. It is also useful for the control of other species of insects and other arthropods within the constructions or around houses.

Use recommendations:

Dilute 8 cc of the formulated in 1 liter of water. Apply the dilution in the places of refuge, breeding and circulation of the insects. In exteriors or very absorbent surfaces, with remains of products and industrial processes difficult to remove before the application, dilute 10 cc per liter. Regularly inspect the treated places to determine the need for new applications.