Feed Supplement



Animal feed supplement of easy assimilation.

Its components provide daily the essential for a maximum performance, containing: vitamins, minerals, macro and trace elements, amino acids and energetic.

It provides the necessary elements for optimal development of the animals in the growing and production stages as well as a better performance in athlete animals.

Indicated for exhibitions preparation and competitions and as an stimulator for muscle development in sport and racing animals, as well as nutritional supplementation in phases as: pregnancy, lactation, growth, development, competitions, exhibitions and debilitated animals.


Each 100 g contains:

Arginine                                  470 mg.

Alanine                                   520 mg.

DL-Carnitine                        1100 mg.

Aspartic Acid                       350 mg.

Cystine                                    40 mg.

Cysteine                                 40 mg.

Choline Chloride                   550 mg.

Phenylalanine                       132 mg.

Glycine                                    1870 mg.

Histidine                                35 mg.

Isoleucine                             90 mg.

Leucine                                   185 mg.

L-Lysine                                  3300 mg.

L-Lysine HCl                         170 mg.

Methionine                              46 mg.

DL-Methionine                      2200 mg.

Serina                                      86 mg.

Proline                                    950 mg.

Hydroxyproline                     760 mg.

Tyrosine                                 20 mg.

L-Threonine                            60 mg.

Tryptophan                             50 mg.

Valine                                      150 mg.

Glutamic Acid                        670 mg.

Biotin                                         6 mg.

Vitamin A                           220000 U.I.

Nicotinamide                           66 mg.

Vitamin D3                           16000 U.I.

Vitamin B1                             27.5 mg.

Vitamin E                               240 U.I.

Vitamin B2                               22 mg.

Vitamin C                               550 mg.

Vitamin B 6                              22 mg.

Vitamin B12                          110 mcg.

Folic Acid                                22 mg.

Calcium pantothenate          55 mg.

Calcium Carbonate                  3 g.

Dicalcium phosphate            32 g.

Iron                                         150 mg.

Iodine                                      10 mg.

Copper                                    48 mg.

Cobalt                                      15 mg.

Chrome                                   5.8 mg.

Magnesium Oxide                 1.27 g.

Manganese                             39 mg.

Selenium                                 5 mg.

Zinc                                        225 mg.

Maltodextrin                          15.5 g.

Sulphur powder                   620 mg.

Excipients                100 g.

Target species:

Canines, felines, mustelidae, reptiles, birds and rodents.


Route of administration:
Oral route, to be mixed with the ration.



0.5 g/kg of animal weight-Maximum 20 g/day.