Inhibitor of ticks development pour-on for bovines



Each 100 mL contains:

Flauzuron…………………… 2.5 g

Excipients……… 100 mL



Inhibitor of ticks development pour on for cattle.

Effective control against ticks and reinfection for up 3 months or more, this period can vary according to environmental conditions and the parasite load.

It exerts its action by interrupting the parasite life cycle, acting as an inhibitor/regulator of its growth. The animals will be free of parasites after two to three weeks, need not apply additional treatments.

It should not be used for detachment purpose of the parasite from the animal, but as a complement to the usual ticks treatment.


Withdrawal period:

Do not slaughter animals for human consumption until 42 days after its last application.

Calves that drink milk of mothers that are being treated with this product should not be slaughtered until 4 months of the last time the calve drank from a treated cow.

Do not use in lactating animals whose milk is intended for human consumption.

It is recommended not apply the product in wet animals, if rains occurred during the first 3 hours after the application, it could be reduce the efficacy of the product.

In some cases it could be observed a slight flaking that spontaneously disappears in a few days.

Do not us in other species.


Route of administration:

Pour-on application.

Apply the dose on the back of the animal in two parallel lines separated from each other by approximately 14 cm (7 cm each one from the spine) from the back (shoulder) to the rump.

The recommended minimum interval between applications is of at least 6 weeks.



*2.5 mg per kg of body weight; equivalent to 1 mL every 10 kg b.w (a minimum dose of 9 mL is recommended when the animal do not reach a weight according to that quantity).

It can be made a second application after 3 to 6 months of the first one.

Do not apply again at least until 1 month and a half after the last application. It is recommended not to apply the product more than three times in the year.

It is recommended to use alternatively with this product a treatment against ticks for a strategic control and/or to eradicate ticks.

In areas where ticks must be eradicate it should be use a treatment against ticks every 21 days.