Cloruro de Potasio Microsules

Oral solution



Each 100 mL contains:

Potassium chloride                          4.0 g

Excipients                             100 mL



Restorer of potassium in the body. Prevention and correction of hypokalemia.

It is an oral electrolyte which acts to balance and / or restore the potassium ion in the animal body. The Hypokalemia is a caramelized body electrolyte imbalance because the decrease of potassium ion of blood. This decline may be due to sweating, vomiting, diarrhea, low potassium intake, kidney disease, prolonged use of diuretics such as furosemide or other dewatering processes.


Target species:

Equine, canine and feline.


Route of administration:

Oral route.



You can not define the requirements of potassium for each particular situation. The solution for oral administration contains 4g of potassium chloride every 100 mL (therefore 1g = 25 mL). The dose depends on the indication of the professional. It is usual, if there are no contraindications, administered between 0.5 g – 1 g of potassium chloride every 100 kg of weight.

For each particular situation it should be taken into account that each ml contains 0.54 mEq. of potassium.

Guidance dose:

Equine: 25 mL (1 g) every 100 kg. Canine and feline: from 12.5 ml to 55 mL/10 kg daily divided into 3 doses (every 8 hours).

The parameters and the frequency of the monitoring associated with the therapy with potassium depend on the cause and/or severity of the hypokalemia, abnormalities of acid/base status, renal function, other administered drugs or diuretics used, and they may include: a) serum potassium, b) other electrolytes, c) acid/base status, d) glucose, e) ECG, f) hemogram and g) urine tests.