Oral Solution


Each 100 mL contains:

Toltrazuril 2.5 g



For the control and treatment of infections caused by coccidia in birds.

For turkeys, broiler chickens, rearing (lifting cocks) and broodstock.

Route of administration:

Oral, with drinking water. The product must be dissolved in drinking water.

Shake well. The use of gloves is recommended for the preparation of the product. Wash hands with soap and water after handling the product.


Recommended dose: 7 mg / kg live weight.

This dose is achieved by diluting 1 liter of the product every 1000 liters of drinking water or 1 mL of the product per liter of drinking water (25 ppm). It is administered for two consecutive days.

When the administration is with periods of 8 hours of treatment on both days, the dosage will be 3 mL per liter of water (75 ppm). The total light conditions must be ensured during the treatment, maintaining the feeding during the treatment. Add the amount of product needed for the amount of water that will be consumed in 8 hours and shake very well. It is necessary to eliminate other sources of drinking water during the hours of treatment.

Withdrawal period:

Not to send the treated birds to slaughter until 18 days after the last dosage, in turkeys the waiting time is 28 days. Do not administer to layers or lifting cocks after 16 weeks.