Vitamins B1 – B2 – B6 – B12


Vitamin B1                     10.00 g                              

Vitamin B2                       0.50 g                              

Vitamin B6                       5.00 g                              

Vitamin B12                        75 mcg                         

Nicotinamide                      5.50 g                             

Calcium Pantothenate 1.75 g

Excipients             100.00 ml


Bovine: Coadjuvant in the recovery of cases of Anaplasmosis and Piroplasmosis (sadness).

Equine: In cases of weakness, exhaustion by overtraining, in preparation for races and other sporting events. Deficiency states. Strengthening diets.

Swine, Canine and Feline: Recovery in cases of anemia of different origins (deficiency, hemorrhage and parasitic).

Route of administration and dosage:

Bovine: The therapeutic dose is 5 to 10 ml IM injection and can be repeated once a week until the animal recovers or at the discretion of the acting professional.

Equine: As a preventive of deficiencies, 5 ml IM per day or day per medium, in series of 5 applications. In cases of animals under training or intense work, administer 50 ml together with 500 ml of 25% hypertonic glucose solution twice a week (every 3 or 4 days).

Swine: Piglets,  1 ml by SC or IM route. Adults, 1 ml / 20 Kg.l.w. by IM route.

Canine and Feline: 0,5 1 ml , by IM or SC route, twice a week (every 3 or 4 days).