Ectosules 6% Pour on

External parasiticide for bovine, ovine and swine.



Each 100 mL contains:

Cypermethrin…………… 6.0 g

Excipients q.s………… 100 mL



For the control and treatment of flies and mosquitoes.


Withdrawal period:

Do not slaughter for human consumption, or use the milk for human consumption or industry up to 48 hours of the last treatment.

Route of administration:

Pour on (on the back of the animal, from the neck to the base of the tail, with any dispenser).



Bovine: *10 mL per animal

Ovine: *5 mL per animal, up to 45 days post shearing

*6 mL per animal, 120 days post shearing

Swine: *5 mL per animal