Broad spectrum antibiotic
for bovine, ovine, goats, swine, canine, feline and birds

Injectable solution


Each 100 mL contains:

Spiramycin adipate 17.13 g (*)

Excipients 100 mL

(*) equivalent to 60,000,000 U.I.


Espiramic is indicated for prevention and treatment of infectious symptoms provoked by Gram positive, Gram negative germens, mycoplasmosis, some Coccidias and Rickettsias.

Target species:

Bovine, ovine, caprine, swine, canine, feline and birds.


Withdrawal period:

Meet: 21 days

Milk: 5 days

Birds and eggs: 5 days


Route of administration:

Parenteral, deep intramuscular injection.



Bovine: adults: 1 mL each 20 kg of live weight. Calves: 1 mL each 10 kg of live weight.
Ovine and goats: 1 mL each 8 kg of live weight.

Swine: piglets: 4 to 5 mL. Cub: 2.5 mL each 20 kg of live weight. Adults and breeding pigs: 15 to 25 mL.

Caine and feline: 0.5 mL each 4 kg of live weight

Birds: 0.5/1 mL each kg live weight.