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FiproMic 20 SC

Insecticide. Suspension Concentrate (SC)


Fipronil 20%

Adjuvants 100%

FiproMic 20 SC is an insecticide formulated as Suspension Concentrate. Its active ingredient, Fipronil, belongs to the group of Phenylpyrazoles, an antagonist of the GABA receptor chlorine channel in the neuron membrane. It then interrupts the transfer of the neurotransmitter and therefore the transmission of impulses at the synapse. Penetrates insects by contact and ingestion.

FiproMic 20 SC is recommended for the control of “cockroaches”, Blattella germanica, Periplaneta americana, Periplaneta fuliginosa; “Ants” such as Camponotus sp, Iridomyrmex humilis; as well as other insects and arthropods. It can be used in various situations such as industrial, commercial, housing and other urban structures, both internally and in the perimeter of buildings.

Dilute 10 to 15 cc of the formulated in 10 liters of water, shake the mixture and locate the application in the places of refuge, nesting and circulation of the organisms to be controlled. The higher concentrations should be used on absorbent surfaces, such as bricks, wood, concrete and others that decrease the residuality of the pesticide formulations. Also outdoors, on surfaces exposed to the sun or leaching. Regularly inspect the treated places to determine the need for new applications