FLOMIC 10% oral


Each 100 mL contains:

Florphenicol                                         10 g

Excipients q.s.ad                               100 mL



Synthetic antibiotic of potent action and broad spectrum, structurally related to the chloramphenicol and thiamphenicol, but with a broader spectrum of action and security (it has no harmful side effects and / or undesirable).

Effective against enteric and respiratory infections caused by germs susceptible Gram positive and Gram negative. Indicated for the treatment of Porcine Respiratory Syndrome and infections caused by E. colli and Pasteurella multocida in poultry and other infections in general.


Target species:

Poultry and swine.


Withdrawal period and precautions:

Do not slaughter animals whose meat is intended for human consumption before to – 10 days for poultry and pigs 16 days.

Not to be used in laying hen producing egg for human consumption.

Do not administer in conjunction with penicillin.


Route of administration:

Orally with the drinking water.




Pigs 10 to 20 mg / kg every 24 hours for 5 days. Birds 20 to 30 mg / kg every 24 hours for 3 to 5 days.