Protein and energy supplement


Protein and energy supplement.

It is indicated for: sport and in training animals, to increase the performance, for intense exercises, gain weight, definition of muscular mass; anorexia, liver diseases, parasitism, heart diseases, septicemias, urinary pathologies; recoveries after infected diseases; convalescent animals; surgical traumas; feeding through catheter; growth, lactation; stress and every situation that requires nutritional supplementation.


Guarantee levels per kg product:

Glycine 42.5 g, Tryptophan 1.6 g, Hydroxyproline 15.8 g, DL-Methionine 20.9 g, Histidine HCl 1.4 g, Proline 26.7 g, Methionine 1.4 g, Isoleucine 1.8 g , Cysteine 0.7 g, Lysine HCl 31.3 g, Leucine 5.2 g, Serine 1.5 g, DL-Lysine HCl 9.8 g, Phenylalanine 3.0 g, Aspartic acid 10.2 g, DL-Carnitine HCl 24.1 g, Tyrosine 0.6 g, Glutamic acid 16.9 g, Threonine 1.4 g, Betaine HCl 9.6 g, Alanine 18.9 g, Arginine HCl 7.6 g, Valine 4.2 g, DL-Choline bitartrate 9.6 g, Sugar 339 g, Vitamin C 40.2 g, Vehicle q.s. 1,000g.


Target species:

Equines, mules, donkeys, bovines, buffalos, sheep, goat, swine and large birds.


Route of administration:

Oral route, with dosing device or mixed with the ration.


Equines, mules and donkeys:
Light training and/or basic supplementation: 25 mL twice a day.
Moderate training, maintenance: 30 mL twice a day.
Intense training, training: 30 mL twice a day.
Adult bovines and buffalos: 25 mL twice a day.
Colts, ponies and calves: 10 mL twice a day.
Ovine, goat and adult ostriches: 10 mL twice a day.
Lambs, young goat and young ostriches: 2 mL twice a day.
Adult swine: 5 mL twice a day.
Pigs: 1 mL twice a day.