High performance energetic supplement


Each 100 g of product contains

Maltodextrin……………………… 95 g

Fructose……………………………… 5 g

Maltomic is a nutritional supplement (nutraceutical), which has in its formulation carbohydrates, substances essential to ensure an adequate energy supply and at the precise moment for the muscle activity. Thus, the best and most efficient performance of the equine athlete is achieved. Its formula has two carbohydrates essential to provide the muscle with power and resistance to fatigue. This has been tested in practice for animals that perform dresage, jumping, eventing, marching, raid, endurance, racings. Maltodextrin (monosaccharide) provides a continuous and steady energy supply, easy digestion, rapid absorption and assimilation, to turn into glycogen providing smoothly and efficiently elemental fuel for muscle during moderate or demanding exercises. Fructose acts as a strategic energy reserve for the body, when training or pause, mitigating the fatigue effect during training and recovery.


Target species:

Equine 18 months old onwards or when training and/or preparation for sporting events begins.

Small animals.


Route of administration:

Equines. Oral route; administer preferably dissolved in water or mixed with food; dosage is according to each case.

Small animals. Oral route; dissolved in water preferably or mixed with food.


Equines: moderate exercise or training: 50 g daily. Moderate to severe training 50 g every 12 hours, being indispensable to administer 50 g per animal twice a day, at least 2 to 5 days prior to the event. Few hours before the event starts, administer 1 g per kg of animal weight in total (up to 500 g per animal daily). Do so several times during the event; never exceed 100 g of product per time.

The dosage, frequency and duration of administration of the product may be modified according to the discretion of the veterinarian.

Small animals: until 1g per kg of animal weight daily, divided into several times per day.