Parasules 13,6%

(Albendazole sulfoxide 13.6%)



Each 100 mL contains:

Albendazole sulfoxide                                    13.6 g

Excipients                                           100 mL



Internal parasiticide for bovine of broad spectrum and triple action (adult, immature and ova) against gastrointestinal and pulmonary nematodes.


Withdrawal period:

Do not slaughter animals whose meat is intended for human consumption until 14 days of the last dose nor drink milk or send it to industrialization within 36 hours (3 milkings) after the last treatment.


Route of administration:

Subcutaneous injection.



* 1 ml every 40 kg of animal live weight (equivalent to 3.4 mg/kg b.w. of Albendazole


In cases of Ostertagiasis inhibited increase the dose to *1 ml every 18 kg of animal live weight

(equivalent to 7.5 mg/kg b.w. of Albendazole sulfoxide).

For volumes of 10 ml or more, split the dose in more than one inoculation site. The dose can be modified following the veterinarian’s discretion.