Topical solution for felines


Each mL contains:

Fluralaner 280 mg   

Excipients 1 mL


Against fleas and mites in cats. With an environmental effect, it reduces the load of fleas in the pet’s environment. For flea control in cases of allergic dermatitis to flea bites and infestation by Dipylidium caninum. Action on ticks and otodectic scabies.

Route of administration: 

Topical use, spot on. Apply by separating the hair, on the dorsal midline, between the shoulder blades, so that the product contacts directly with the skin. In cats weighing more than 6.25 kg apply in 2 points. Avoid bathing treated animals within 72 hours of application. Do not touch the application area until it is completely dry or allow it to be licked by other pets.


Each mL of product contains 280 mg of Fluranaler.

Dosage table according to weight and presentation:



1.2 kg – 2.8 kg

0.4 mL (112.5 mg of Fluralaner)

>2.8 kg – 6.25 kg

0.89 mL (250 mg of Fluralaner

> 6.25 kg – 12.5 kg 

1.79 mL (500 mg of Fluralaner)

This dosage table is equivalent to a dose of the active substance of 40 mg – 94 mg/kg body weight.

One application is sufficient for the treatment of mange caused by Otodectes. For fleas, the application of the product is recommended every 90 days, this period may vary according to the degree of infestation, environmental circumstances, etc., consult your Veterinarian doctor for the correct use of this product.

Limitations of use

It should not be applied on wounds or in cats with hypersensitivity to the active ingredient or other components of its formulation. Do not administer in cats weighing less than 1.2 kg or in kitten under two months and a half of age. Temporary local reactions of redness or itching may occur. Most animals do not develop adverse effects. Do not administer at intervals of less than 2 months. Do not apply during pregnancy or lactation.