Terminator Nitro

Broad spectrum insecticide – Ant killer


Active principle: Fenitrothion 10% w/v corresponding to 9.48 % w/w

Formulation type: EC Emulsifiable Concentrate


Terminator Nitro is an insecticide of high concentration for the control and repellency of all types of insects. The effect of Fenitrothion is immediate because it has a fast knockdown effect; it guarantees a 5 days residual power. It is effective for insects such as: flies, mosquitoes, horseflies, cockroaches, spiders, ants, moths, bedbugs, fleas, ticks, etc.


Method of application

By diluting 5 cc – one cap approximately – per liter of water -50 cc -10 caps approx.- in a 10 liter bucket- as repellent preventive dose. The dose can be doubled to 10 cc/lt -2 caps per liter approx.- when infestation. Early application is recommended in spring season to exert repellent effect upon the appearance of the first insects.

It can be applied by hand spray, trigger or by flushing. Apply the products as repellent on the outside of external door and windows frames by spraying, and on patios, sheds, etc. by flushing. To avoid the appearance of spots on frames and walls, apply the product on a small surface section, prior to the product application on the whole surface. As an aqueous solution, stains or discolorations are not frequent once the applied product is dried; although, a previous test is always recommendable.


Application period

As repellent the product should be applied prior to the first appearance of insects; as eradicant the product can be applied at any time when necessary.



See Method of application. 1 bucket of mixture is enough for approximately 50 m2. For door and window frames 1 liter of solution is enough for a standard house.


Frequency of use

Preventive use as eradicant or repellent for insect infestations.



Incompatibilities with other products are unknown. It can be mixed with phosphorus to increase the speed of action, a test of the mixture before a greater dilution should be performed.


Toxicity scale III Three




IN CASE OF POISONING CALL A DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY- ANTIDOTE (Atropine Sulfate). In case of suspected poisoning call CIAT. Tel.: (00598) 1722. Hospital de Clinicas 7th floor.



Do not eat, drink, smoke or use the toilet during product handling. Wash hands and body thoroughly after handling the product. Avoid ingestion, inhalation and skin contact. Do not spray against the wind.

Personal protection equipment to be used during preparation and application of the product: Personal protection equipment recommended: mask with filter type NIOSH N95 or N100 plus cartridge OV.   Hands protection: neoprene, latex gloves. Eyes protection: goggles. Protection of skin and body: full Tyvek suit with hood. Other protective equipments: gumboots without lining. Avoid wearing contact lenses during the handling of the product, as soft lenses may absorb substances and all lenses concentrate them.


First Aid

General information Remove contaminated clothing immediately and dispose of it safely. Inhalation: if symptoms persist, call a doctor. Move the person to a place with fresh air. Keep patient warm and at rest. Skin contact: remove contaminated clothing and shoes immediately. Rinse with soap and water. After contact with skin: apply a Vitamin E cream or simple moisturizing cream. If symptoms persist, call a doctor. Eye contact: in case of contact with eyes rinse with water thoroughly. Call a doctor immediately. Ingestion: Get medical attention. Do not induce vomiting. Rinse mouth. Keep at rest. Information to doctor: in CIAT report.