Vaccine with Bacillus anthracis


B. anthracis ≥ 1 x 106 spores / dose

Glycerol saline solution 50% q.s. 2 mL

Saponin               0.001 mg / dose

Carbolic acid 0.0011 mL / dose

Indications for use:

Vaccine for Anthrax prevention.

Target species:

Bovine, ovine, swine and caprine.

Withdrawal period:

Do not slaughter animals for human consumption before 60 days post-vaccination.

Do not vaccinate pregnant females. Do not administer antibiotics the days before and after the

vaccination because antibiotic therapy could affect the immune response.

Route of administration:

Subcutaneous route.


Bovine: 2 mL

Ovine, swine and caprine: 1 mL

Vaccinate and revaccinated at an interval of 28-30 days, and revaccinate with a single dose


It can be vaccinated animals from two months old.

It can be applied with inactivated vaccines at different inoculation sites.

Conservation: 2 °C – 8°C. DO NOT FREEZE.