Celomic Tablets

Heat Suppressor

Oral tablets



Each tablet contains:

Medroxyprogesterone acetate                           5 mg

Excipients q.s.ad.                                               1 tablet


Target species:

Canine and Feline.


Route of administration:



Indications – Dosage:

Postponement or interruption of oestrus (heat) in dogs and cats:

Metrorrhagia and nymphomania.


Short delay oestrus in female dogs and cats; postponement for an extended period of oestrus in female cats; interruption of oestrus in female dogs and cats; metrorrhagia in female cats; nymphomania in female cats.

  1. Short postponement of oestrus in female dogs and cats – Cases where imminent “heat” may cause inconvenience and a postponement for a prolonged period (with Celomic Injectable) is not desirable, it is advisable to administer Celomic Tablets, to achieve a short delay. This is the case for example of holiday, exhibitions of dogs or cats, hunting, etc. The treatment is started at least five days before the desired effect (expected date of heat appears), being the daily dose of 1 tablet for female dogs and for ½ for female cats. The treatment is continued the necessary time and once discontinued the same, the “heat” appears at 4 or 5 days.
  2. Postponement for an extended period of oestrus in female cats – According to the experience gained in practice, female cats can generally remain without “heat” permanently administering 1 tablet of Celomic per week.
  3. Interruption of oestrus in female dogs and cats – Oestrus that has begun may be interrupted by the administration of tablets Celomic. For female dogs, administered two tablets daily for 3 to 4 days (for large dogs 3-4 tablets if needed) and then 1 (or 2) tablets daily for 12 to 14 days. Generally the interruption of the oestrus is achieved the 3 or 4 days after starting the treatment and “heat” does not reappear until the next normal period. However it is recommended to make sure that the treatment may not start at the beginning of proestrus because it may occur the effect described in “Brief postponement of oestrus”, that means that the heat may appears on the 4th or 5th day after suspending the drug. Usually this does not happen when treatment starts after the period of “pseudo menstruation” of proestrus. In the case of female cats, they should be treated with 1 tablet daily until symptoms disappear.
  4. Metrorrhagia in female dogs and cats – The post-partum metrorragia or the ones due to prolonged oestrus can be treated with Celomic Injectable or tablets. In this last treatment it starts with a daily dose of 2 tablets in female dogs and 1 tablet in female cats. If improvement is not evident after the 4th days, you must double the dose.
  5. Nymphomania in female cats – In cases of nymphomania in female cats the dose should be 1 tablet daily to until achieving normality.


The prophylactic treatment with Celomic only should be made on fully healthy animals. It is not advisable to treat animals sexually immature because the effect of hormones at this stage can disrupt the normal development.