Each 100 mL contains:

Imidacloprid                                        0.15 g

Propoxur                                            0.165 g

Excipients                             100 mL



Parasiticide shampoo for canine and feline. Effective action on fleas, ticks and lice. Provides a parasite free coat, clean and soft.


Route of application and dosage:

Apply on the wet coat, massage until obtaining abundant foam, leave act for 5 minutes and rinse until removing all the shampoo. It is recommended to repeat the operation. Dry off. Avoid contact with the eyes, if occurs rinse with plenty of water. Prevent the animal from ingesting the product. It is recommended to use rubber gloves during the application, in case of contact with the skin, wash the area with water and soap. Do not drink, smoke or eat during the bathing.

The repetition of the bath will depend on the Veterinarian’s recommendation.



Do not apply on puppies of dogs and cats of less than 2 months old. Do not apply to wounds or weak or to convalescent animals. Carbamates should not be used with other cholinesterase inhibitors. Prevent the animal from ingesting the product during its application.