Vermic Total

Vermifuge for Veterinary Use

For dogs and cats, adults and puppies/kittens



Praziquantel……………………..50.00 mg

Pyrantel pamoate…………..144.00 mg

Febantel…………………………150.00 mg

Excipients q.s…..………………..1 tablet



Wide spectrum anti-endoparasitic for dogs and felines, adults and puppies/kittens with activity against mature and immature forms of the following nematodes and cestodes.

Target species:

Canine and feline, adults and puppies/kittens.


Route of administration:

Oral administration tablets.

Administer the tablet(s) in one single intake.

VERMIC TOTAL can be directly administered in a piece of meat or other food product, or ground and mixed with the feed.



  • 1 tablet per 10 kilos of body weight.

We recommend the administration of VERMIC TOTAL at the doses described below. For adults the treatment should be repeated every 3 months. In females, before mating and 10 days after labor, in order to reduce infestation in puppies/kittens. Puppies/kittens must be treated when they are 15 days, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 months old. Remember that vermin control in puppies/kittens is vital for their physical and immunological development.


One single dose per treatment recommended, as per the table below:


Animal                        Size-Breed                                                Animal weight                     Single dose

Cat                                –                                                                     up to 5 kg                        1 tablet


Dog                               Miniature- eg. Pekingese                       up to 5 kg                         ½ tablet


Dog                               Small- eg. Beagle                                 5.1 kg – 10 kg                         1 tablet


Dog                               Medium- eg. Dalmatian                      10.1 – 20 kg                            2 tablets


Dog                               Large- eg. Shepherd                             20.1 – 30 kg                            3 tablets


Dog                               Giant- eg. Brazilian Fila                      30.1 – 40 kg                            4 tablets



For larger dogs, administer 1 tablet of VERMIC TOTAL per each 10 kg of live weight.

According to the infestation type and degree the posology may be modified at the discretion of the veterinary doctor.

In diagnosed vermin infestations, immediate worming must be carried out and, if possible, repeat treatment three weeks later.

VERMIC TOTAL is very well tolerated.

It is not necessary to take dietary measures, or suppress feed.

Complementary information:

Dipylidium caninum has fleas as intermediary hosts, thus, it is recommended to combat the latter.

Vermin control depends on vermifugation, as well as on the proper hygiene and disinfection of the breeding facilities.


Until studies are not performed in female dogs during their early pregnancy, VERMIC TOTAL must not be used during the two first thirds of pregnancy.

Do not exceed the recommended dose when treating pregnant dogs.

Do not use simultaneously with piperazine compounds.

Consult a Veterinarian before treating pregnant dogs for intestinal worms.


Limitation of use:

The product must not be used concomitantly with other vermifuges with cholinergic properties, such as levamisol, as it may remarkably potentiate this activity produced by the Pyrantel Pamoate.