Triflumuron 48%. Concentrate suspension.


Inhibitor of chitin synthesis. Low toxicity insecticide for the control of insects in their breeding and dispersal sites.

It is recommended for control of the domestic Musca in dung or in decomposition organic matter.

For the control of Culex sp and Anopheles sp in puddles, ponds and other water concentrations.

Also recommended for the control of German Blattella and American Periplaneta.

Both, the active ingredient and the formulation, make it a friendly pesticide, with the possibility to apply it in the most diverse situations.


Use recommendations:

Fly larvae, Domestic Musca. Mix 10 cc with 10 liters of water and applied on a surface of 10 to 20 m2 of organic matter (manure, etc) with manual spray. Reapply when new deposits of manure are accumulated on the layer treated or new larvae will appear.

In dunghill with liquid manure. It is recommended to incorporate with spray a dose of 4 cc into 10 liters of water for 1000 liters of manure. After the 2nd or 3rd week, when the fly population decreases, it is applied a dose of 2 cc of product into 10 liters of water for every 1000 liters of liquid manure.

Cockroach, German Blattella and American Periplaneta. Mix 10 cc with 10 liters of water. 1 liter is enough for 10 m2 of surface. Apply with manual spray on the transited surfaces or in their breeding and shelter places.

Mosquito larvae, Culex sp, Anopheles sp. The application is directed to the surface of the deposited water (puddles, ponds, marshes, swamps and other) at the dose of 260 cc / ha.