Microfos Vital Mineral


Organic / Inorganic



Monosodium phosphate (2H2O)                                  20.50 %

Sodium Glycerophosphate (5.5 H2O)                           14.00 %

Magnesium chloride (6H2O)                                            2.50 %

Potassium hydroxide                                                              45 %

Sodium selenite                                                                    0.24 %

Copper chloride (2H2O)                                                   0.088 %

Excipients q.s.ad.                                                                100.00 mL



Phosphorus deficiency due to deficiencies of on the contribution or disorders of the metabolism: asthenia, reduced fertility, rickets, osteomalacia, retarded growth and placenta retention. Help therapy in fallen cows.

Correction of phosphorus deficiencies. The Magnesium, selenium and copper prevent important dysfunctions such as tetany of the pasture, muscular dystrophies and of the nervous system; deficiencies in enzymatic systems related to the use of energy and the elimination of free radicals from the oxidation of the fatty acids, in addition to the synthesis of hemoglobin and melanin.


Target species:



Withdrawal period:

Meat – 20 days

Milk – 3 days


Route of administration and dosage:

Subcutaneous injection.

Adult bovine: 10 mL o cc

Calves: 5 mL o cc

Treatment can be repeated after 30 days.