Microglif K

Composition: Glyphosate potassium salt 66% (equivalent to glyphosate acid 54%)


Chemical Group: Glycine derivated


Formulation: Soluble concentrate


Indications: Microglif K is a non-selective herbicide post emergence, for the control of grass weed and broadleaf weeds in cultivated and uncultivated areas. Formulated from potassium salt, which is soluble and active, gives advantages over other glyphosates, such as a better control of weeds at lower doses, greater speed of action and rapid penetration therefore with less risk in case of rains.


Crops: Chemical for fallow land and post emergence for RR crops. Positional application on fruits, citrus, forestry, natural field and non-cultivated field.


Weeds: annual, biannual and perennial grasses, broadleaf.