Its formulation effectively and continuous administrated provides vitamins, Potassium bicarbonate and other elements to animals that require them.


Each 100 g. of product contains:

Vitamin A acetate                                           1500000 UI

Vitamin D3                                                        200000 UI

Vitamin E acetate                                                    300 UI

Vitamin B1                                                                  0.30 g

Vitamin B2                                                                  0.35 g

Nicotinamide                                                              2.00 g

Calcium pantothenate                                              0.30 g

Vitamin B6                                                                 0.30 g

Vitamin B12                                                             0.001 g

Vitamin K3                                                                 0.25 g

Vitamin C                                                                    1.50 g

Folic acid                                                                    0.10 g

Biotin                                                                          0.20 g

Potassium bicarbonate                                           2.00 g

Excipients q.s.ad.                                                      100 g


Target species:

Chickens, rabbits, pigs and calves.


Route of administration:

Oral administration. Birds, rabbits and pigs: calculate the estimated daily consumption of water according to weight, age and weather conditions. Dissolve the required quantity of product, according to the number of animals to be treated. Dissolve it in part of the water to provide and then bring to one third (1/3) of the calculated volume of water. It is recommended the animal stops drinking water few hours before the administration of the product. The preparation and administration of the product should be performed in troughs solely intended for this purpose. For calves dilute the product in milk or drinking water.



Birds, rabbits and pigs: 2 g/4 lt of drinking water; once a day for 4 consecutive days. Calves: 1 g/60 kg of body weight, in milk or drinking water; once a day for 4 consecutive days.