Oestrus Synchroniser

Artificial Hormone-Cloprostenol



Each mL contains:

D ( ) Cloprostenol……. 0.075 mg

Excipients…………… 1 mL



Sincronizer and inductor of heat. Functional disorders of the oestrus cycle. Inductor of the calving or abortion. Fuctional disorders of the ovaries (follicular or luteal cysts). Postpartum uterine pathologies (pyometitis, endometritis).

Specific instructions are described along with corresponding dose.


Target species:

Bovine, equine and swine.


Route of administration:

Parenteral, intramuscular injection only.



Bovine: *150 ug of Cloprostenol per animal (2 mL of Sincromic).

Oestrus synchronization: a) Double injection with 11 days interval, inseminate all animals 72-96 hours after second injection. b) After first injection, detect the oestrus and inseminate; non-inseminated animals (because oestrus was not detected after the first injection), will receive a second injection at 11 days after the first one, and will be inseminated after the oestrus detection. c) If insemination is not used, it will be allowed the males access to the roundup of treated females.

Chronic endometritis, pyometitis: verify periodic corpus luteum presence or pseudo pregnancy; the treatment can be repeated at 10-15 days.

Pregnancy interruption: treatment is only effective if the product is administered before the end of the fifth month pregnancy, since then pregnancy is maintained by progesterone of placental origin.

Induction of calving: during the final stage of pregnancy, calving usually happens 36 hours post administration. It can increase the incidence of placental retention.

Equines: *75 ug of Cloprostenol per animal (1 mL of Sincromic).

Post-partum oestrus induction: dose at 6-10 days after the ovulation of the first post-partum oestrus or at 20 days post-partum.

Anestrous by persistent corpus luteum: generally oestrus takes place at 3-6 days post application.

Calving induction: usually takes place 1-4 hours post application. It is important to make sure that the pregnancy is at term and the mammary gland is prepared for lactation.

Swine: *75 ug of Cloprostenol per animal (1 mL of Sincromic).

Calving induction: from day 115 of gestation, calving takes place between 21-36 hours post administration.



Do not administer to pregnant animals unless termination of pregnancy is desired.