Broad-spectrum chemotherapeutic for canines
Scored oral tablets

Each tablet contains:

Enrofloxacin 150 mg

Excipients q.s.ad. 1 tablet

It is indicated for treatment and prophylaxis of skin, external auditory canal, respiratory, urogenital and digestive infections caused by gram , gram – germs, and Mycoplasma.

*5 mg/kg body weight every 24 hours, equivalent to 1 tablet Enromic Pet’s per 30 kg for 5 to 10 days. According to veterinarian’s discretion, it can be administered every 12 hours and treatment may be extended, as in the case of dermatologic conditions.

Not to be administered to animals hypersensitive to quinolones/fluoroquinolones.

Not to be administered to animals in growth phase, younger than 6 mouths old because of potential damage at the articular cartilage level. In giant breeds it is recommended its use after 18 months old. Not administer to dogs that are breastfeeding. Use carefully in animals with kidney or hepatic function altered. Not administer in animals that are being treated with phenobarbital or theophylline.