Each 100 mL contains:

Moxidectin………………. 1.0 g
Imidacloprid……………… 10 g
Excipients……. 100 mL


For the control and treatment of fleas, lice, ear mites, scabies and gastrointestinal nematodes of felines. To prevent the dirofilariosis or heart worm disease.


Route of administration:
Spot on, topic use. Apply separating the hair, on the dorsal midline, behind the base of the neck (withers) in such a way that the product goes into direct contact with the skin. Avoid the contact of the product with the animal eyes and mouth as well as the licking of the treated area by other animals.

The person who applies the product must take care of: read the instructions before using the product, in case of the product contact with the skin or mucous membranes wash the affected area immediately, if the product contacts with the eyes rinse thoroughly. Do not touch or brush the application area until dries.



1 mL of the product contains: 100 mg of Imidacloprid, 10 mg of Moxidectin.

It is recommended 0.1 mL/kg of bodyweight.

Pipette of 0.4 mL for cats between 1 and 4 kg of weight.

Pipette of 0.8 mL for cats between 4 and 8 kg of weight.

For cats over 8 kg of weight combine the pipettes.

Repetition of the application:

Product application is recommended every 30 days in case of fleas and as a preventive of the heart worm. In scabs case, apply to dose with 1 month between. For the treatment of other parasites with one application is enough.

On Dirofilaria immitis endemic areas, animals could have adult forms of the parasite, this product is effective against larval forms (L3 and L4), before applying the product it is recommended to perform an analysis to determinate the presence of adult’s parasites.

To prevent it should be apply once a month during the season when there are mosquitoes. Depending on the geographic region, the treatment can be continued monthly or annually or at least start one month before the season with mosquitoes and to finish one month after the exposure to them. Consult the veterinarian for the correct use of this product.


Its use it is not recommended in cats weighing 1 kg or less or younger than 10 weeks. Do not use it in animals with hypersensitivity to the active principles. In rare cases itching can appear.

Also in rare cases it may occur oily hair, erythema and vomiting that disappear without treatment. The application on sick or debilitated animals should be evaluated by the veterinarian as well that its use in pregnant or lactating females or cats weighing less than 1 kg. Apply only in the target specie. Do not administer together with other parasiticide based in macrocyclic lactones. The effectiveness may be decrease if the animal is bathed frequently after the application of the product. Avoid the licking of the treated area.